Russia and China assure that they are avoiding a new “escalade” of the conflict


Russian President Vladimir Poutine and his counterpart Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing on May 16, 2024.

Russia and China assured me that I had accomplished everything new on May 16th “Escalade” In Ukraine, after the meeting with Beijing between Presidents Vladimir Poutine and Xi Jinping, a joint Kremlin communiqué was published that recalled parastatal responsibility in the West.

The text read: Pékin and Moscow were notified by the government “necessary” d'éviter toute decision à même de “Contribution to the prolongation of hostilities and a new scale of conflict”a formulation that seems to be aimed at Europeans and America, The Kremlin continually distanced itself from the Western arms shipments to Ukraine that took place during the war.

The joint communiqué introducing a vocabulary to Vladimir Poutine is probably one “Permanent settlement of the crisis in Ukraine” passe par le respect you “Principle of individuality of security”The concept used by the Kremlin to justify the invasion and to confirm that the rapprochement between Kiev and the West poses a threat to Moscow and that Ukraine's security cannot be dependent on Russia's cells.

Beijing and Moscow also bear witness to their importance “Dialog”, s'agissant du règlement de this war. Russia claimed to be able to speak only with Ukraine, which wanted to win over and occupy five regions.

Beijing condemned the Russian invasion

The Russian president said so “Spotter” Envers la Chine pour ses “Initiatives” The couple fought the conflict in Ukraine, and the Russian army sent them in pairs. Pékin, who condemned Russia, appeals to the state with respect for the integrity of our entire country, including Ukraine, and urges me to take into account the interests of its Russian alliance.

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The West, allied with Kiev, aims for the Chinese user to exert its influence on Russia because it is facing invasion for a while in February 2022 and Moscow presents itself as fighting against the West.

The Russian president agreed that Moscow and Beijing were opponents of the entire political and military alliance “fermée” In the Asia-Pacific region, I made a comment that traveled directly to the United States, together with Beijing in the zone, and there worked with Australia and the Royal University (the English acronym Aukus) to combat Chinese influence. “We think it is very harmful and counterproductive to create alliances”a report from M. Poutine to journalists.

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