STL receives the AQTr Public Transit Excellence Award for its credit card payment pilot project


Earlier this month, the Société de transport de Laval (STL) received the “Grand prix d'excellence en transport” in the “Public transport” category at a gala event organized by the Association québécoise du transport (AQTr). The award recognizes STL's pilot project, which allows buses to accept Visa and Mastercard credit card payments.

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The technology is a contactless, instant tap-and-pay system like those used by retailers, so there is no learning curve for riders. A full year after the project's launch in 2017, a Canadian first, the STL remained the only public transit authority in the country to offer the service and remains the only one to offer it in Quebec today.

“It is important for our industry to keep up with driver and consumer trends, especially when it comes to occasional users. Paying for your bus ticket with your credit card completely simplifies the process and removes the biggest barrier to incorporating public transport into your commute,” says STL CEO Éric Morass.

The success of the project
The STL has recorded more than 150,000 transactions since the project began. Notably, it was found that over 44% of cards were used only once, clearly showing that this service meets a need for occasional and very occasional users. Typing and paying with a credit card is an important trend in public transport worldwide. The STL project has helped accelerate its application in the metropolitan area and demonstrated that it is a viable solution.

About the Société de transport de Laval
The STL develops and operates an integrated network of buses, student transport, shared taxis and paratransit transport, which together enable over 22 million trips per year. The STL is among the most innovative transit operators in North America, thanks to initiatives such as the first operation of a 100% electric 40-foot bus in Quebec and the introduction of a passenger information system that reports bus arrival information in real time for drivers. In 2017, STL renamed its Quality Commitment Program the only customer service commitment of its kind in Canada. That same year, it also became the first transit agency in Canada to accept credit cards on buses.