Les Lions se paient le troisième rang!


It is an atmosphere of the elimination series in which the Lions de Trois-Rivières did not even have a ball from the Railers to secure a place on the big dance floor, for the second place in their court history. On the Adirondack coast of Maine – with a ridge – I was committed to eliminating the railers.

“Je suis tellement fier des gars, a d'abord lance l'entraîneur-chef, Ron Choules. People started dating a few months ago, but I told myself that I have been busy with work since day 1. Kind regards, Zachary Émond, who has been blessed for two months and is no longer in physiotherapy en patins. It was a credit to me that I was successful, and I thought I had more luck left than succeeding. If the time really comes, it will be the Guard's effort, and they will have to sacrifice their corps again along the way. After two months, this series must be important and ends at the end. It is a test for us and it is successful. »

“There was a wonderful atmosphere on site and was told by Cédric Montminy, the captain's boss, about the Rivés des Coupés.” Even at the debut of the season, I wasn't even someone who confided in us, but we were looking forward to it Removed. This happened when I discovered that it was stuck on the coast (Worcester) and a Marqué deux, but in the premiere period. This is not easy for you when you tell the group of players that you are with you, your team says that they are with you, and that the whole world is there for you. Wait, I'm thinking about tackling this year and experiencing the world at the Shack in series! »

With a 4-0 victory in front of more than 3,200 spectators, the Lions won a first game against the Thunder by 98 points in the regular season. I could not imagine getting to Trois-Rivières quickly and did not report that a single duel was imminent in their operations in Norfolk. Say the Admirals, a problem with the technology of their amphitheater was, so to speak, the love series in Trois-Rivières with this luck, probably also for the games 1-2-3.

The Lions are presented with the letter at the gates, with the Premier's inscription, but only in the 4th minute of the game, courtesy of Jakov Novak. At the end of the period, the captain on mission, Cédric Montminy, was promoted to prime minister during the coup attempt against the Railers and touched the cable with about 50 seconds of impact in the period.

Worcester didn't make it anymore, but on two levels. They were on the 18th and 2nd chapter of the last three years, while Jonathan Yantsis wrote his second in addition to the games with the Lions to triple the lead on the ground.

In recent years, the Lions have benefited from superior numbers in their debut. Alex-Olivier Voyer was successful after the great start when he reached the 20-point plateau, which increased the Lions' lead to 4-0.

In front of the Lions' cage, Zachary Emond signed a second, white game with 16 hits from the computer.