Youth pornography | The SQ is looking for victims of Jean-Philippe Lepage


Jean Philippe Lepage. Photo credit: SQ

Investigators from the Surété du Québec's Internet Child Sexual Exploitation Investigation Unit went here (Mercredi) to arrest a man from Rimouski and lien for juvenile pornography.

Jean-Philippe Lepage, 33 years old, settled here at the Palais de Justice de Rimouski, on charges and lien with juvenile pornography, notamment; I am in possession of juvenile pornography, have access to juvenile pornography, the production of juvenile pornography and am on probation for the first time. Celui-ci is not yet in the comparison series.

Procurement at your place of residence and the material must be carried out for analysis. The Sureté du Québec is calling for the public's assistance in finding other victims of Jean Philippe Lepage. The search aims to use various pseudonyms from social networks: Jean-Philippe Lepage, Martin Lepage, JP Le and Jakobus JP. Any information for this man and his authorities can be forwarded to the Sureté du Québec Criminal Information Center at 1 800 659-4264.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations in the Sureté du Québec has brought together its special investigations service, experts in cybercrime and child sexual exploitation. These applicants have developed a state collaboration with the Royal Constabulary of Canada and the ensemble of municipal police officers.

The public is invited to report any online child sexual exploitation situations to: