“Why we could compete with Jenny and Lee from Gogglebox”


Funny, annoying, entertaining or just plain puzzling. That's a short and sweeping generalization that sums up how I feel about the large amount of advertising that runs during the breaks of some of my favorite TV shows.

In our house, the adverts often generate more commentary than the programmes themselves. My partner and I think that if there was an advertised version of Gogglebox, we could give Jenny and Lee a run for our money – we make each other laugh by sharing our opinions on the often cheesy adverts on our small screens.

We are especially loud when it comes to loud things. There is an advert for instant noodles with a screaming donkey in it that really gets on our nerves.


Another, more recent commercial for a different brand of noodles featured a horrible slurping sound, but the makers eventually apologized to those who suffered from the sound and replaced it with a more “tolerable” slurping sound. Regret? Possibly.

There are many others with crazy and annoying sound effects that are obviously designed to draw attention. We grab the remote to turn the volume down.

Could television’s favourite carrot make a comeback this Christmas?(Image: Aldi)

There's a lot of life insurance policies being broadcast simultaneously on a Freeview channel and people seem to be getting really excited about the idea of ​​everyone partying at their expense when they die. Not while I'm doing it.

It might be depressing to watch if we hadn't created our own – admittedly irreverent – versions of the voiceovers to accompany it.