Viande, lait: Quelles perspectives for China d'ici à 2033


His relationship to agricultural prospects is great Chinese (2024-2033), Pékin estimates the production time viande It will increase by 0.4% each year and reach 97.64 million tonnes (Mt) in 2033. Demand is expected to rise to 102.53 Mt by 2033, reaching an annual record high of 0.3%. The improvement in income and the standard of living explain this trend. In return, imports rose to 5.84 million t in 2033, corresponding to an annual decline of 1.4%.

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A stabilizer was made from pork in 2033

La proportion d'elevages Pigs Over the course of these next few years, development increased on a large scale. The Chinese are aiming to improve the quality of their pork production as production efficiency is expected to stabilize at 54 Mt in 2033 Introduce Will be 1.07 million tons in 2033.

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The viande de volaille bénéficiera de l'urbanisation

La production de Volaille In China, the rule was set at 29.05 million t in 2033 with an annual average of 1.7%. Urbanization is progressing rapidly, the habits of the new generations are changing, the development in the market of the prepared countries fluctuates around the estimated completion of 29.32 million tons in 2033, with an annual increase of 1.5%.

Les importations de volaille de la Chine vont reculer

The production of liquid meat increases all the faster until the finished croissance pieces are ready. Expected imports were 1.05 million t in 2033, an annual decline of 2.6%. Due to the advancement of production efficiency, volatile food exports from China increased by 25% annually, reaching 780,000 tons in 2033.

Increase in production in bovine and ovine varieties

La Production de viande bovine et sheep Wait during the last decade to arrive on the Croissance. Cattle production is 7.98 million t and 5.87 million t of sheep. The annual croissance fees are 1 and 1.2% respectively. The demand for ralentir compte tenu, this fois-ci, de l'urbanization. Completion is 11.1 million tons at a time and 6.46 million tons at a time, with an annual croissance rate of 1.2 and 1.4%. Increasing the level of self-sufficiency for these two routes allows reducing dependence on the external market. Imports amounted to 3.12 million tons of wood and 590,000 tons per year, with an annual tax of 1.9 and 4%, respectively.

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Le lait toujours depends on imports

Laitière production is expected to reach 58 million tonnes by 2033, with an annual increase of 4.1%. The House of Municipal Revenue benefits rural areas. The prospects for success were an annual growth of 3.3% in 2033, reaching 79.2 million tons. Imports are estimated at 21.43 million tonnes in 2033, with an annual turnover of 1.2%.

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