Debbie Avenue Residents Complain Dirty Conditions | Lead stories


Residents of Debbie Avenue in Edgewater, Portmore, have been suffering for weeks after a sewer pipe collapsed, causing sewage to overflow into their homes and along the street.

Faye Barnett, a resident for 15 years, expressed frustration, stating: “None of us have been able to flush the toilets for almost two months… My family members have left the house because we cannot use the toilets.”

Devon Virgo, a resident of over 40 years, criticized authorities for neglecting the issue despite being informed about it weeks ago.

“Nothing is being done,” he complained, highlighting the unbearable stench and the inability to use his toilet.

The impact extends beyond inconvenience to loss of business, as Patricia Bent, who runs a catering business from her home, revealed.

“I'm losing a lot of money at the moment…wedding reception bookings have been canceled, some people are demanding refunds. “It hit me hard,” she lamented.

Delano Williams, acting public relations manager for the National Water Commission, acknowledged the collapsed sewer and assured residents of a quick solution.

“The work will be completed in five to seven days,” he said, attributing possible delays to the need to remove a power pole that was hampering the excavation.

Councilor Alric Campbell, also Deputy Mayor of Portmore, highlighted the need for a comprehensive solution and proposed a comprehensive refurbishment of Portmore's aging asbestos sewer pipes.

“What we're seeing here will soon happen in other communities… because of aging asbestos pipes. That’s my fear,” he explained.

Campbell argued for government intervention and called for a holistic approach to solving the problem as a major infrastructure project.

“I propose to examine the issue of rehabilitation of sewage pipelines in Portmore… and seek Cabinet approval to address the issue in a holistic manner,” he stressed.

With residents paying up to $8,000 per month in water and sewer bills, Campbell stressed the importance of preventing periodic breaks in old sewer lines to avoid ongoing inconveniences.

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