Threatened wet environments off Sept-Îles and Port-Cartier


Environmental protection organisms are bound by a report from the MRC of Sept-Rivières, as most humid environments in the urban zone are threatened.

En mars dernier, la MRC A regional wet and hydraulic environment plan was published by Sept-Rivières. I developed a regional plan for crossing Quebec more than a year ago that detailed how these water zones would be preserved.

Produced by the engineering firm CIMA+, this report has created a portrait that has convinced the region's eaux. It may be that there are rare, moist environments MRC de Sept-Rivières, which is protected by a government.

The humid environments are grouped with different ecosystems such as the Tourbières, the Marais, the Marécages and the Etangs. If milligrams of plant and animal specialties are fired, a large number are not in danger.

The document indicates that possible deteriorations could be observed in these environments in the coming years, it points to a loss in the quality of the water, but also an increase in the size of the inclusions and a reduction in the surface area of ​​these spaces.

The report also addresses the wet environments found on the long minipaths of ArcelorMittal and the IOC, which are seen as a threat to the fortress.