The Semaine de la Critique in 3 days


Have you gotten to know the Festival de Cannes, but do you also know the Semaine de la Critique? Large media outlets present this section to you in parallel with a cinema rendezvous with more celebrities and three additional pieces of information.

This is part of the Critique Semaine! This section, parallel to the Festival de Cannes, dedicated to the discovery of young talents in cinematographic production and held before the premieres and second films, took place from May 15 to 23, 2024. This is the final encore, “La French Touch.” Accompanied by Criticism Week to reveal the creative geniuses who have visited the cinema. On the occasion of this new edition, a Prix French Touch was also awarded by the jury. Did you find out more about the Semaine de la Critique? Entrepreneurs from the culture and creativity sector, lecturers in modern art, major media present the Semaine de la Critique in three ciphers-clés.


This is the 63rd edition of the Critique-Semaine this year 2024. Have you already commented? Its story began in 1961 as part of the Cannes International Film Festival and the Scandal screening The Shirley connection Clarke (Etats-Unis), adaptation of the play by Jack Gekber. An evening during the evening: The film was shot for half a year by a realizer after a short time, was almost finished and was very appreciated, which he detested. Robert Favre le Bret, general director of the festival, decided to amplify the phenomenon for the next edition. For a week he became acquainted with the programmer Jean Cocteau at the Association Française de la Critique. The title of Critics' Week, chosen by expert and filmmaker Nelly Kaplan, Restoration.


3,000 films around the clock were presented every year by the Critique program selection committee. The final choice is drastic. This year, 11 long records and 13 judicial records were selected. An evening that was managed by the beautiful part of the French creators: Jonathan Millet, Said Hamich Benlardi, Alexis Langlois, Antoine Chevrollier…


This is the prize that was awarded for each edition of the Criticism Week: the Grand Prix, the Prix French Touch du Jury for the long films, the Prix Découverte Leitz Cine for the courts and the Prix Roederer of the Year Revelation for a comedian of Competition films. During the festival, others are rewarded by the participants and the long shots of the selection outside the Cannes Festival camera.

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This article was originally published at the Big Média Festival in Cannes: La Semaine de la Critique in 3 days