Tensions are rising between Europe and the United States as Germany prefers to manage China


German Chancellor Olaf Scholz visited a Bosch production facility in Chongqing on April 14.
Michael Kappeler/dpa via Reuters Connect

DECRYPTION – Chancellor Olaf Scholz, accompanied by an important business delegation, arrived in China to visit him for three days.

Correspondent in Berlin

In Chongqing, with 30 million inhabitants, the Chinese-branded railway line to Europe and the Duisburg river port was running when Olaf Scholz began his three-day visit to China, right? à dominante économique. The German firm will be used to produce hydrogen engines as quickly as possible using Bosch.

Due to – or inadvertently – commercial dumping exercises from China in Europe, security threats from the milieu empire and the diplomatic onslaught between Beijing and the American alliance have led Germany to break off relations with them Son Partenaire commercial. Olaf Scholz came as part of a delegation from two industrial groups, from Siemens to Mercedes, as well as from Thyssen Krupp.

Last year saw commercial unrest across Germany and China. As the German insurer of Allianz, exports were carried out by one animal after the last trimester of 2020.

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