Football. Region 3. L'US Laval has no chance at Andouillé


This season Andouillé was not imposé when someone was on R3. Play against US Laval when the score is 2:1. They envy Lavallois for directing their revenge at the game.

In the first minutes, the players of Utku Altunay, the coach Lavallois, who established his intentions, the players stood in the first minutes of Deboevers Intermediate (6'). Today they are crowded together, the places are like the others described, but not in danger. On a nice sauvé taste, the andollée garden has displaced the balloon, but clotagatide can be perfumed afterwards (12'). As for meeting visitors in front of the water: “The game starts in the 15th minutehe left Jérémy Gascoin, Andouillé's coach. When you were 2-0, it was complicated after… » When the Andolléens lost control of Lavallois, they tried to get their loins over Coquemont, but the last time they were unruly (24').


In a second period, Lavallois saved his foot on the balloon without being in danger. It was only the end of the match when Sauvé was close to deciding the Premier But and Lavollée reached the final score of 3-0. This is the final of Lion, a sublime Frappe who reached the Calvaire d'Andouillé, in the scores (90+1): “It’s more satisfying than the content, definitely.”concludes Altunay. I had the goal but not to wait, it was with this beautiful win 4-0. »

La Fiche technique

US LAVAL – ANDOUILLÉ: 4:0 (2:0).

Referee: M. Hommeau.

BUT. Deboever (6'), Clotagatide (12'), Lavollée (87'), Lion (90+1).