Men's rowing dominates; Received two gold medals at the Knecht Cup


Men's rowing | April 14, 2024

CHERRY HILL, NJ – The top eight varsity boats won gold medals and had dominant performances for the La Salle men's rowing team at the Knecht Cup on Sunday. Each of the two teams achieved victories in their semi-final races and won the grand final.

The gold medals were the first in the eight categories in program history and marked the second consecutive year the Explorers won medals in the Varsity 8 and second Varsity 8 (bronze in 2023).

Additionally, Emily Perry competed in the women's individual competition and took silver for the Explorers.


  • Perry took to the water early on Sunday and crossed the course in a time of 9:12.08, just 3.65 seconds behind Dominica's single that secured him silver.
  • Later in the morning, the varsity's second eight rowed off the sixth lane and won by almost ten seconds over Michigan to advance to the grand final.
  • The top varsity boat, which entered Sunday ranked No. 18 in the country, faced Trinity in the semifinals and defeated that team by nearly five seconds.
  • According to the IRA/IRCA, Trinity entered the weekend as the second-best team in Division II/III.
  • The 2V8 race was delayed due to an equipment malfunction, leaving the first team able to win the first medal of the day.
  • The top team, controlled by a doctoral student Trevor Fawcettdidn't disappoint and earned a victory over No. 23 Temple, No. 24 Colgate and Trinity.
  • In the final race of the day, the 2V8 built a big lead and had no regrets as they won again by almost five seconds, defeating Trinity and Embry-Riddle.
  • The four college players took part in a head-to-head final, took fourth place and were narrowly eliminated from medal contention.

Second Uni 8 – Run 2

  1. La Salle – 6:00.90
  2. Michigan – 6:10.38
  3. Marist A – 6:11.03

Uni 8 – Run 1

  1. La Salle – 5:52.13
  2. Trinity – 5:56.89
  3. Stetson – 6:00.31

Varsity 4 – Heat 2 (two final rounds)

  1. Temple A – 6:40.79
  2. Oklahoma City – 6:50.00
  3. La Salle – 6:52.41

Uni 8 – Final

  1. La Salle – 5:56.39
  2. Temple – 5:58.18
  3. Trinity – 5:58.30

Second Uni 8 – Final

  1. La Salle – 6:01.95
  2. Trinity – 6:06.48
  3. Embry Puzzle – 6:06.57