Lime launches fleet for second year of Laval shared e-scooter program


Offers 15% discount on the first trip of the season

LAVAL, QC, May 16, 2024 /CNW/ – Lime has relaunched its e-scooter fleet for 2024 Laval Lime today reiterated its focus on safe driving and proper parking, the two fundamental areas of focus that helped make the first year of this program in 2023 a success. Lime has high hopes for this year Laval and will double its fleet from 100 to 200 vehicles to meet the demand from residents and visitors that was felt from day one last year. To celebrate the relaunch, Lime is providing From now on 15% discount on one trip per driver 31. May.

“Lime remains grateful for the opportunity to continue to provide safe, affordable and sustainable transportation options Laval. Our goal from day one has been to ensure that the addition of shared e-scooters to the city's transport network is seamless and beneficial for all road users, connecting people to existing transport options and helping to provide first and last mile transport solutions. Last year, we recognized the potential of micromobility to connect people to Laval Societe de Transport, relieve congestion, reduce emissions and support the economy by helping people visit the city's restaurants and cultural attractions. As we return this year, we will continue to emphasize safe driving and proper parking as we know this is the key to success Laval” said Sonia KandolaDirector of Government Relations

Global success for Lime leads to local investment in Laval

Lime recently announced that 2023 was its best year ever with over 150 million rides worldwide 600 million dollars in gross bookings. This financial success allows Lime to dedicate resources to innovations in hardware, human resources and technology, and to invest in local programs such as Laval with the aim of always improving the service over time. Lime is proud to be a global leader in micromobility and one of the largest providers of shared electric vehicles Canada. Lime runs safe and orderly shared electric vehicle programs with booming ridership Edmonton, Kelowna, Richmond, Coquitlam, and the north coast. Lime has powered millions of rides Canada in its history and we believe there are no limits to micromobility in the cities we serve and across the country. Last year, over 1,600 riders made nearly 3,000 trips Laval and Lime is confident that growth will be significant in the second year of this program.

About lime

Lime's mission is to build a future where transportation is shared, electric and carbon-free. As a global leader in shared electric vehicles, Lime is working with cities to deploy electric bikes and scooters for all trips under five miles. A Time magazine 100 most influential companies and Fast company A brand that matters, Lime has enabled more than 550 million rides in more than 280 cities across five continents, driving a new generation of cleaner alternatives to car ownership. Find out more at lime.


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