Iran-Israel News: G7 condemns attack and stands with Israel


Canada and other G7 countries say they strongly condemn Iran's overnight attack on Israel and warn that the unprecedented attack could lead to an escalation of tensions in a region already mired in the six-month war between Israel and Hamas is involved.

The Group of Seven advanced democracies today issued a joint statement expressing solidarity with Israel and reaffirming its commitment to its security.

The bloc of countries says Iran and its proxies must stop the attacks, adding that they are ready to take further steps in response to the destabilizing efforts.

Iran fired around 300 missiles and drones at targets inside Israel on Saturday, but Israeli officials say the country and its allies were able to intercept about 99 percent of them.

Iran has now declared the operation over.

The conflict between Israel and Iran intensified after an airstrike attributed to Israel destroyed the Iranian consulate in Syria earlier this month and killed seven senior Iranian officials, prompting Tehran to vow revenge.

Air Canada says it has canceled three round-trip flights between Toronto and Tel Aviv from this weekend through Wednesday.

The nonstop flight to Israel's largest city, which the airline resumed just last week after a six-month break, is still scheduled for Thursday but could change.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published April 14, 2024