Hockey | Jean-Philippe Simard and Louis-Philippe Canuel are from Saguenay


The Nord-Côtiers organization consists of two ice hockey men. Jean-Philippe Simard returned as a son of Quebec and Saguenay. The birthplace of the Sept-Îles, Louis-Philippe Canuel, comes from this region.

Jean-Philippe Simard was once involved in the Nord-Côtiers organization while he was in the organization for a few years. The person who served as regional technical advisor was created with temporary workers and coordinator for Hockey Côte-Nord. It has also been a participant in the various programs in recent years.

The Partira in August. The connection consists of the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean hockey ranks. It may not be for everyone, for the moment, the title he occupies.

Jean-Philippe Simard mentioned that the initiatives were not above the level of Hockey Côte-Nord and that they named the starting point independent of the management.

“In a place where a player rating system is installed, which, so to speak, consists in the fact that the general boards of directors of the hockey associations are not concerned with hockey at the highest level.” »

I also cite as a good coup the development of the region with a clinical service on the glacier and also an educational service that adapts to the regional reality of the north coast.

The coordinator has advanced women's ice hockey in recent years and consolidated the current structure.

The continuity of a permanent ice hockey Côte-Nord ice hockey team is essential for them to ensure the development and clothing of other young players.

“The reality of the region is different from the others, but this is our only innovator.” The reason for this was that he was only guided by his ideas. » He received communications from various associations during the course of his mandate.

Come adjoint

During the five seasons he was part of the Sept-Îles for Saguenay as head chef of one of the Nord-Côtiers M13 AAA or M15 AAA teams, Louis-Philippe Canuel. The second Steve Thériault with the M17 AAA.

“This is the best place to advance in this profession.” I am not adjoint. I want to have a good vision as a coach. Steve and I, all at once. It was a nice experience and part of it was over. »

In this other role, Louis-Philippe Canuel said it was good for his education. “Steve made me a challenger and gave me great respect as a coach so that he could make the relays an important step on the way home,” said Septilien.

For him, Le Saguenay had a logic of choice in the continuity of the structure. It's about the evolution of ice hockey players on the Côte-Nord.

Louis-Philippe Canuel is also responsible for the hockey concentration at the Institut d'enseignement de Sept-Îles.