A VOIR: Ann-Renée Desbiens is happy about a press conference


This is not the case because Ann-Renée Desbiens officially developed as a young professional for the first career of her career, the goal of which was to make calculations easier.

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Shortly thereafter, he was eliminated from the Montreal lineup of the League of Professional Women's Ice Hockey Players (LPHF) as a result of a consecutive three-overtime period in Boston and was no longer able to attend a press conference in Massachusetts.

Déjà, the feast of Charlevoix could not capture its sadness, all together with Sarah Lefort, her son Kori Cheverie, addressed to the media.

“It's a safe bet that you have a big con.” As Kori mentioned, best for the majority of the series. It is not possible for me to see the bonds to be rented in the fillet of the other coast. Congratulations to Boston. They went to three parties and passed the next tour. When I returned home, our vacation began and we evaluated the season,” Desbiens said on board.

Photo credit: Capture d'écran, LPHF

In the words of the fans

Then, when a journalist challenged him, he only wanted to listen to amateurs, the Olympic champion felt the emotions he received.

“On Tient vraiment à leur dire merci. C'était de loin la meilleure foule qu'on aurait pu Demander. Partly in the league, throughout the season, in the series and at a distance. “Then, my first time, I was for the Montreal team, choosing the best partisans,” she replied before taking a long pause.

Ann-Renée Desbiens

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It's a crackle

When a question was directed at Cheverie, it was difficult to turn it around in her room. After the coach dried out, the children 30 years ago were wet and tried to enlist the help of both of their parents. She gained the impression of great professionalism in the press.

“I didn’t manage to get tired and did a good job recovering.” [après une défaite de 2 à 1 en troisième prolongation, samedi, à Laval]. Here's to an excellent game debut, an excellent second season, in the end. On perhaps a three-part essay in three periods, and it could be that we got past the party. However, this is definitely not a recovery manque. I've been thinking all year about the fact that my colleagues are already at the door [mardi]», followed by the number 35.

Ann-Renée Desbiens

Photo credit: Capture d'écran, LPHF

The three women will have 10 minutes to respond to questions from journalists.

Montreal is 2-1, 2-1 and 3-2, depending on overtime, heading to Boston, where it will attack Toronto or Minnesota in the final.

▶ Par ailleurs, Kori Cheverie is a finalist in the title of the start of the year in the LPHF, at the beginning of Courtney Kessel from Boston and Troy Ryan from Toronto. The Equipe de la Ville Reine dominated the regular season standings with 47 points, followed by Montreal (41) and Boston (35). The winners of various awards will be announced in June.

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