Héma-Quebec urgently calls for blood donations of blood types O+, O- and B- | City news


Héma-Québec, based in St. Laurent, is calling on the public to donate blood of types O+, O- and the rarer B-. The organization says that blood drives in recent weeks “have not reached their donation goals.”

“However, as the summer holidays approach, we encourage people of all blood types to roll up their sleeves and donate,” the agency urges. “Héma-Québec's blood supply is generally in good condition, but supplies have been dwindling recently as sunny weather has led many donors to cancel their appointments. Summer is upon us and many Quebecers will be heading off on vacation, which is why Héma-Québec wants to remind you that our blood supply system depends on your generosity and spirit. Keeping it going is an ongoing task. The work is never finished and every donation saves lives.”

Héma-Québec added that it is being flexible, “particularly in accommodating spontaneous donors of the blood groups most in demand, both in donation centres and during blood drives.”

“Anyone who cannot keep an appointment is asked to cancel it in order to make room for others. Héma-Québec also sends a special message to people who have never tried to donate blood: it is easy, straightforward and a source of deep pride.”

To make an appointment, visit or call 1-800-343-7264 (SANG). To make sure you are eligible to donate, visit the Héma-Québec website before your visit or call Donor Services at 1-800-847-2525.