China and Russia agree on the need for a “political solution” to the conflict in Ukraine


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China and Russia agreed on the need for a “political solution” to the conflict in Ukraine, which Chinese President Xi Jinping confirmed after talks in Beijing with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Poutine.

The two parties agree that a political solution to the crisis in Ukraine is on the way“ explained M. Xi, comparing him to the press on the coast of M. Poutine. Vladimir Poutine came to the foreign lands of the Chinese capital with the hope of conquering his son “Dear friend“Xi Jinping advocated attack and supported efforts to fight Russia in Ukraine.”

This visit of two days constituted the first trip to M. Poutine after he decided on his second trip to China in March, a few months later. The major Asian state is a crucial economic plan for Russia and is being rewarded by Western sanctions over its punishing military offensive in Ukraine.

A relationship “propice à la paix”

Chinese President Xi Jinping hailed the relationship between Beijing and Moscow as “propaganda of peace.” La relationship Chinese-Russian “It’s not necessarily fundamentally two countries and two people, but it’s also attributable to the couple.”” Xi Jinping said, declined to enforce these liens from the reports of China’s Minister of Alienated Affairs. This relationship is a factor of “stability” valued by the Russian media. Elle”It is not opportunistic and is not led by one person“.