A mix of sunshine and rain is expected for the weather in southern Ontario this week


The coming week will be full of warmth, bringing both sunny and rainy days to southern Ontario.

Last week the region experienced cloudy weather with heavy rain, overcast skies and strong winds.

As of today (April 14), the morning will be mostly cloudy with temperatures rising to a high of 17°C.

There is a high risk of thunderstorms in the afternoon with 10 to 15mm of rainfall, which could ease by early evening as temperatures fall to 4°C.

Monday will bring a mix of sun and clouds with strong winds from the southwest at a speed of 40 km/h. Daytime temperatures rise up to 15°C, making it one of the warmest days of the week.

In addition, the UV index is expected to reach a moderate value of five. Environment Canada recommends protecting your skin when the UV index is three or more, especially from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., even if it is cloudy.

Health Canada says people should seek shade when outdoors, wear protective clothing and hats, apply sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher, avoid tanning and wear sunglasses with UV protection.

Towards the evening the sky will clear and strong winds are expected to blow again – this time blowing north-west at 40km/h. Temperatures will cool to 2°C.

Get ready for a lovely rise in temperatures on Tuesday, which could reach 17°C under perfectly clear skies. It's the brightest day of the week, ideal for anyone who wants to get outside and enjoy some sunshine.

In the evening it will be cloudy and temperatures will rise to 6°C, making it one of the warmest nights of the week.

Residents may want to have umbrellas nearby as Environment Canada expects rain on Wednesday and Thursday, with a chance between 30 and 70 per cent. Despite the wet weather, temperatures remain mild and range between 8°C and 12°C.

Rain will continue into the evening and possibly continue into the next day, while temperatures are expected to reach a low of 6C.

Friday will be partly cloudy with occasional sunny spells. The temperature reaches a maximum of 10 °C during the day and drops to 2 °C in the evening, bringing cloudy periods.

The weekend will start with some sunshine and cloudy skies, resulting in a 30 percent chance of rain. By evening the temperatures will cool to 3 °C.

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