A referee of everything who has to deal with an improvisation game that is on stage.

The cultural event was a crowd puller that accompanied the organizers of improvisation tournaments.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Alexandra Duchaine

Radio Canada

A trained improvisation equipment takes part in this week on the 28the Edition of the Culture of the Patro de Jonquière. The tournament has been particularly popular since this year.

A senior and a junior outfit, some of whom come from the provinces, are offensive to the squad of this improv tournament, which has a tradition of brownie points.

Félix Lavoie, the organizer of the event, said the public was involved in a meeting with him.

I enjoy surprises when people are presented in the evening. Please do not wait for a telephone hearing. I thought it would be the premiere, after a long time, on the other side of the world, here in Patro, this eveningat-il souligné.

From her Gens de Dos, assistant in a hall who had her take to the air during an improvisation tournament.

The environment of improvisation was renewed after the pandemic, solely by those responsible for the event. New faces transform the way of life.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Alexandra Duchaine

A plateau that has existed since this year to serve the benefits for the time. Heading through three game levels in the same time. Et les salles sont combles, depuis maintenant vendredi. So, it's a surprisingly surprising and extreme contentat-il ajouté.

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