White goosebumps for Rick Tocchet, coach of the Canadians: “After five years we will unveil six players.”


EDMONTON | Rick Tocchet couldn't clarify how he defends the Penguins and Flyers colors. Until late at night, it's a language that's not around.

The Canucks' boss failed to play four times to confirm his dissatisfaction at the end of the fourth game of the series against the Oilers. A confrontation ended with two victories depending on the coast.

“There were five of our friends we wanted to reveal.” It didn't dawn on me yet that I was on the elimination series. It can't happen that I'm only 12 days old.”

However, the 60-year-old chef, especially a Nomme person, might consider that Elias Pettersson, Ilya Mikheyev and Pius Suter are on the list.

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An author of 34 games and 55 games in the regular season, Pettersson was limited to a single assist but assisted three times in 10 games following the series' debut. In the second game against the Oilers.

Jusqu'ici, c'est d'ailleurs son seul point de la serie. It wasn't complete until the three games took place, and it was just two of them, on Mardi Soir. All I'm saying is that after 19 minutes I have to make an attack on the surface of the game.

“I know that I could be the best, an Admir Pettersson who has said goodbye to this fate. I know that I know the difference, but I don't know what to say.”

Trop de Passengers

Suter's contribution is completely shy (two buts and one passe). For Mikheyev, today was a first point after the big dance's debut in print.

“Everyone looking for the circle, this is a voluntary question, this is not a strategic question.” You couldn't do anything with five or six passengers. Ou peut-être même sept», a Martelé Tocchet.

“Oui, on a fait preuve de résilience and on a créé l'égalité. Mais, à la fin, on leur a donné une passe gratuite», even if it is mentioned.

Go to your troops who have chosen the role of spectator while Leon Draisaitl is there after making the fillet until the line is clear towards Evan Bouchard. Filip Hronek, deputy, acted as a middleman before Evander Kane, but he was a convict.

Tocchet says the quoi il parle. With the Penguins he discovered the Stanley coupe on one occasion when he was playing the role of the opponent in a pair.

This year I came very close to loving the Canucks. Surprisingly, he was one of three finalists to lift the Jack Adams trophy and was named head chef later that year.

Pickard had no chance

Kris Knoblauch had been sent to Vancouver by his father, where he suffered his coup. He was connected with the envoy Calvin Pickard in no time and had to pay. I was 32 years old and reported that the entire first season was based on the elimination series.

“I don't know if I realize another encore and announce that I will wake up in a few minutes after this victory. I made my debuts in the LNH when I told them. With this in mind, I don't have any practical experience in the series yet, but I have to reach the level of the professionals.”

In fact, the experience is limited to four games and one period.

Dix ans, dix équipes, donc. The roulette games in the suitcase may only be used by humans. He said that, there was still no encore for him, who was like the second best girl at the rencontre.

Garlic will not have even persuaded the fillet, or he will have to go back to Stuart Skinner in full confidence.

“Je suis simplement heureux de vivre this event aujourd'hui.” “I want to surf longer on this indefinite period,” said Pickard.

Is garlic at school and can't change a formula? On le saura bientôt.

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