Water leak causes significant damage to Roswell Police Department


The look of the Roswell Police Department changed after a pipe burst earlier this month.

ROSWELL, NM – The Roswell Police Department is looking different after a pipe burst earlier this month. A water leak occurred on May 5, causing significant damage. Two offices are now unaffected.

“There was obvious carpet damage, some ceiling tiles were damaged and there was standing water,” said Chad Cole, Roswell's city manager.

As per protocol, the city conducted some tests to determine if there was mold or asbestos in the building. The results were negative.

According to a Facebook post by the Roswell Police Officer Association, the water leak isn't the only problem the department has had to deal with.

The post claims that the building has constant air conditioning problems, that the bathrooms are clogged and smell like a sewer, and that the building is infested with bats.

But the city manager says the bat problem was solved two years ago.

“A little over two years ago, some bats were identified as roosting in the building. The maintenance department monitored the police department and found where the bats were entering the building. They cordoned off the building, trapped the bats, and for a little over two years, we have had no bats,” Cole said.

KOB 4 asked the city if relocating the department was an option or if they would consider building a new building. Cole told us the idea had previously been put to the public for a vote but was not approved.

“This was brought up by the previous administration. And I think they actually put it to a public vote on a new police center, which was rejected by the population,” Cole said.