Tournoi de Golf de l'Evêque au Profit du Center Le Havre


The Congress of Trois-Rivières, Mgr. Martin Laliberté, invites the golfers and golfers of the region to take part in its golf tournament before 11 a.m. on June 15th at the Le Métabéroutin golf club.

“This evening brought together the generations to have fun, to play golf and to fraternize, but I help a community organism of our environment.” The Église faces the great power of our world. Ça consummate party from our ADN. “This evening is a concrete life task of mission and solidarity work of cells and souls that needs more,” said Mgr. Martin Laliberté.

For this edition, the choice to support the Center Le Havre de Trois-Rivières is not to prevent the development of the journey, to pay attention to its consequences and to favor the social reintegration of people particularly vulnerable and harmed after maintaining them for 35 years

The goal of the Tournoi de l'Evêque is $4,000. All winnings received during the tournament are at the heart of this organism.

The entry fee is $125 per golfer, including travel for ages 18 and over, a team car and driver. The price of attendance is offered for this evening event.

The games and games can be registered individually or as a team.

It is quite possible that you will be attending the event from a don or a commando.

To register or contribute: