The PEI Greens “are ready to make real history,” says federal leader May


Federal Green Party leader Elizabeth May made a stop in Charlottetown where she said she was optimistic about the party's continued popularity on PEI

She hosted an event Tuesday evening as part of her Community Matters tour of City Hall.

“We couldn't be happier and more proud of the progress that has been made here on Prince Edward Island,” May told CBC News in television and radio interviews on Tuesday.

“The whole country is looking to Prince Edward Island and watching Peter Bevan-Baker and the Prince Edward Island Green ready to make real history.”

In the latest PEI polls, the Greens came first among decided voters, ahead of the governing Liberals. The party also said 2018 was its best fundraising year ever, as it raised more than $79,000 and membership grew to 471.

This after a surprise Victory from Hannah Bell for the Greens in a provincial by-election in late 2017, which increased the party's provincial caucus to two.

The Greens play and have played a significant role in provincial governments in British Columbia and New Brunswick, May said Breakthrough in Ontario as well as.

“The potential for the Prince Edward Island Green Party to be ready to form government is real,” May said.

“The stars are aligning”

May remains the only Green MP on the national stage in Ottawa. She assumes that this will change after the federal election expected this fall.

“I think the stars are aligned for us to win a lot of federal seats this fall,” she said. “I think we’ll see how I come back with colleagues from around the country.”

While many people who planned to vote Green in the last federal election switched their vote to the Liberals to ensure the defeat of Conservative Stephen Harper, she believes that won't happen this time.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is not polarizing, she said, and the Conservative vote is divided, with the rise of the People's Party under Maxime Bernier.

“There is a lot less reason for people who want to vote Green to feel like they have to second-guess themselves – this time people can vote for what they want,” May said Parliament created where we have to work together to make things work.”

“The wind blows in our sails”

May's current town hall tour is helping her develop plans for the party's manifesto, she said, and is also a gentle start to the election campaign.

She has 12 more stops planned across Canada including Fredericton, NB and next Halifax.

“I feel tremendously empowered knowing the wind is in our sails,” May said.

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