The Chinese have created a drone that is invisible and functional, in an attempt to transform combat


Drones have been crucial to numerous missions over the past few years

The Chinese have created a drone that is invisible and functional, in an attempt to transform combat
Drones have always been used on the frontlines of actual combat | Image created by the IA

The advancement of military technology traversing the world seems to be a spectacular marriage. However, the Chinese appear to have developed advanced technology, making rapid progress in their inventions such as drones. Additionally, they appear to be able to create a drone that can transform in addition to them. I have chosen a strong voice and it confirms that I can change sides without entering into the fight.

A pioneering high-flyer in the field of drones

A Chinese science team has developed a new type of combat drone that can be divided into different parties based on the airspace being traveled. This division capacity facilitates access to difficult zones or simply quintuples the number of forces present in the air.

These small drones do not have a helicopter and can control us with the others, giving them very different roles. They may focus on lone commandos, hunters, hunters, or attackers coming directly at them as they make a furious attempt. It is important to me that I reported to Hong Kong's South China Morning Post before this military move took place.

Professor Shi Zhiwei of Nanjing University of Aerospace Engineering was the head of the operation and realized a fundamental development in the development of a technology function called air separation, directly The process in which the drones are separated from the Drone headquarters are separated and fulfill their function is to control their coast. It was a phenomenon that would revolutionize the ultimate battle victor, as drones were previously able to outperform enemy defense systems, according to the Hong Kong magazine.

The traditional drones place great emphasis on their effectiveness when separated from the others, while the Shi equipment doubles the effectiveness of a drone with more rotors, as they are held together after separation and maintained at 40% of that effectiveness. In fact, it is not the case in China that it is one of the main producers of drones and one of the companies that is pursuing an important and important development of this type of technologies.

To realize this technology, they are inspired by cereal grains, which are very easily brought into their unique structure by the vent. The Shi Equipe believed that drones could be produced in large quantities because they were not particularly adapted to manufacturing, which could change them for the fight for the future.

It is important to note that we are entering an important period of rearmament for the world's more powerful nations. The United States of America has looked into supersonic fighters as they are equivalent to China and have also developed powerful technologies such as a canonical hypersonic.