The 2nd annual Café Collectif is coming to Montreal


It's time for a coffee festival, or c'est l'heure du festival du café, as Google Translate undoubtedly aptly proves. For the second time, Café Collectif (not to be confused with Coffee Collectif) is coming to Montreal to spend two days getting to know specialty coffee roasters from the province and the community in Quebec's largest city.

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Taking place on Friday May 31st and Saturday June 1st, Café Collectif is “organized by a team of passionate roasters” and describes itself as “the first festival in…”. [the] Province dedicated to “uniting and nurturing the exceptional talents of local roasters,” with a mission to “celebrate specialty coffee and build community around a shared passion.” This year's event brings together over 30 roasters from across Quebec under one roof at Cafe SAT within the Society for Arts and Technology.

Participating roasters, spread over two days, include Hubert Saint-Jean, Rabbit Hole, Microespresso, 94 Celsius, Nordik, Artery, Saint-Henri and Nucleus. In addition to so much coffee, Café Collectif also offers learning opportunities such as barista training, tastings and a bean-to-bar chocolate learning session including tasting. And as a bonus, there will be an “Official Barista Competition” on Friday evening that anyone can enter or even join if they feel like it.

Tickets are on sale until Tuesday, May 21st, with early bird prices starting at $22. After that, prices increase to $25, with surcharges for additional learning experiences. All tickets cannot be purchased on the Café Collectif website. Be sure to follow Café Collectif on Instagram for up-to-date information on participating roasters and events. For more information, visit Café Collectif's official website.

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