'That's not going to happen': BC Conservative leader not resigning – BC News


The leader of the BC Conservative Party has vowed to lead his party through the provincial election later this year.

Speculation about a possible merger between BC United and BC Conservative gained momentum this week with a report from Global News that said Port Coquitlam Mayor Brad West was being courted to lead a unified right-wing coalition -Center party to take over.

This narrative was debunked shortly after the story was published by British Columbia Conservative leader John Rustad and Brad West himself.

In a statement to

“That’s why we worked even harder to build our party and defeat the NDP on our own,” he said.

“We built this party little by little with hard work – now people want to jump into the driver's seat and throw out our base. That will not happen.”

The BC Conservatives have overtaken the BC United in the polls as the current official opposition faces a “political exit,” some pollsters said.

“I have promised thousands of British Columbians and our thousands of grassroots members – who took the initiative to register – to lead this party through the next election,” Rustad said.

Some in the business community have reportedly called on the two parties to work together to avoid a vote split that could give the BC NDP a large majority.

Brad West, meanwhile, says he has no current plans to enter British Columbia politics.

“If this ever changes, you will hear from me,” he said in a post on X.

338 Canada, which aggregates all recent polls, expects the BC NDP to win 41% of the vote and 62 seats, followed by the BC Conservatives with 30% and 28 seats. The forecast suggests BC United will have 16%, meaning they will be lucky to grab a single seat.