Souris-Glenwood Chamber Welcomes New President – ​​


The board and members of the Souris-Glenwood Chamber of Commerce have welcomed their new president, Julia Teichroeb. The upcoming Spring Fling is the first major event for the new leadership team.

Julia and her husband Joe own and operate Just Call Joe Inspections in Alexander, MB. At the February Chamber meeting, Julia was a new member for the first time, and when the opportunity to join the leadership team arose, she jumped at the chance!

“It’s actually a pretty funny story,” she explains. “I was at my very first meeting when Loretta asked if there was anyone who would like to take on the position of president. When I went into Parliament I always wanted to be a member of the executive simply because of the different things I have done in the past.

“I didn’t think this would happen at my very first meeting,” she laughs. “But it was!”

“That wasn’t planned,” adds Teichroeb. “But I’m glad I took the step.”

Through Just Call Joe Inspections, the Teichroebs offer a variety of services including residential and commercial inspections, water sampling, and septic tank and sewer line inspections. They opened their home business in March 2023, so there are a few Premieres for this family.

Julia is a busy mother and wife and a business owner with her husband. She is also an instructor at Assiniboine Community College for the online Administrative Assistant course.

Julia is surrounded by a strong team of business owners and board members. The current president, Lorretta Turner, remains on the board and continues to support the new president.

With Spring Fling just around the corner (May 3-5), Julia and her Souris Chamber team are busy putting the finishing touches on their weekend event, which will include flea markets throughout the community. They opened the rink to provide a fair-like opportunity for local businesses and artisans. But they also extended the invitation to businesses and artisans from the Souris-Glenwood region.

Anyone interested in renting a table at the rink can contact the chamber or stop by LT's Corner Store.

OR Email: [email protected]

Visit their Facebook page for regular updates on this and other upcoming events.