Scottish Gaelic speakers attend NS to promote language and networking


Some Scottish Gaelic speakers have come to Nova Scotia to strengthen their cultural ties.

To celebrate Mìos nan Gàidheal, Nova Scotia Gaelic Month, the group travels across the province to learn from locals and promote the language.

Sionainn MacMullin from Cape Breton Council's Gaelic Affairs Office says: “This year's theme is 'Gàidhealach 'nar Cridhe |' Gaelic at heart!' So what better way to highlight the history and heritage of Gaelic, which is very much alive today, than with the support of the SpeakGaelic team, who will demonstrate how easy it is to engage with the language and culture? We hope the series of workshops and events we have planned across the province will encourage all Nova Scotians to engage with Gaelic in May and beyond.”

SpeakGaelic has been to Halifax and Antigonish for special events, with further stops planned for Mabou, Judique, Iona and Sydney.

Project coordinator Mirren Buchanan hopes to “attract and inspire learners and speakers of all ages in Nova Scotia to learn or refresh their Gaelic language skills.”

According to a press release, SpeakGaelic aims to transform the reception and use of Gaelic by providing a clear and integrated structure for learning Gaelic – the most comprehensive approach in a generation.

The materials not only support absolute beginners, but also support Gaelic speakers at different levels to gain confidence in the SpeakGaelic language.

The learning resource offers users a variety of services, from self-directed online learning to media content available through YouTube and social media.