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This is the daily prize quota of 10 pieces in the waters of the Rimouski Nature Reserve, which passed in September and remained in some waters five days later. (Photo Ernie Wells)

In preview of the start of the fishing season within the Rimouski Faunique Reserve, the relaxation facilities for winter stays, reserved for the 2023 season, no later than April 9, with changes and discounts as part of the planning for fishing are planned for the prochaine season.

New measures that also apply to everyday fishermen. In all lakes, except those located on the mountain, the price limit for Omble de Fontaine is 10 to 7 poissons per day. This reduction has been seen in the Matane reserve since last year. And in other SÉPAQ Gaspésie facilities.

The SÉPAQ explains that the new plan de pêche in the Rimouski Reserve represents a best distribution to the most popular places on the crossing of different forfaits in an equité source for the customer group. “Certain more popular offers are offered alternately, but other groups can also only be reserved in a single area.” This redistribution has recovered the experience with the pêche of relaxers of different stays in the Rimouski Imperial Reserve », explains the probation officer of the SÉPAQ, Simon Boivin. And at the end of this year: “The ownership limit is 10 to 7 years for all fish.” The £5 limit on certain lakes is a price limit on a lake, particularly not a possession limit. For example, a fish cannot lie more than 5 meters above the lake in the Black Epinette, but it is also the case that it is in your possession for 7 minutes.

After the publication of the Pêche plan on April 9, the SÉPAQ is precise, ​​compiling and analyzing the statistics of the last Pêche season, comparisons in previous years, a requirement for certain periods to ensure a good portrait la situation . “As I approach the 2024 season, I am in the process of reducing the possession limit since this year and have to attend the upcoming natural resource protection season,” more precisely Simon Boivin.

A Pêcheur décu et lésé

When Michel Dionne did not consummate the affair, he had long been preoccupied with the Lac Rimouski sector. from 50 years. I agreed with the changes to improve the quality of the dog, but I didn't take him. “I have lost Lacs Blanc and Épinette Noire, which are dear to me in my stay in 2023. At this point you can make your way to Lac Cordonnière, 25 km from Chalet du Lac Rimouski. When we were informed of these changes in 2023, I was no longer reserved for 2024. I've done it and I'm not done with the SEPAQ campaign, the Michel Dionne. The probation officer of the SÉPAQ said: “We understand the deception of the client when he is limited to certain periods to write the plan for the trial once it is reserved for a certain period.” “We are all concerned with the regulation of this Dossiers contacted and offered you a full refund,” said our confirmer Simon Boivin. SÉPAQ confirms that another complaint on this issue has been received within the Rimouski Faunique Reserve.

Le déclin des mouchetées

The population of the Ombles de Fontaine is alarmed in Bas-Saint-Laurent and the Gaspésie. The Minister in charge of Fauna also advocated the disclosure of sport fishing on May 15, including September 10, in all lakes. Remember to recognize the true dangers of printing. In 2019, 50% of seals were in safe exploitation. The printed image helps protect the indigenous population and ensures that this is a long-lasting, fair and high quality book. The ministry estimates the number to be at an estimated 1.6 million people each year. It really preserves the captured poisons, but may not last long. It is true that I cannot coagulate and kill them.

Author: Ernie Wells

Category: Pêche

Published on: 04/14/2024 5:56:12 p.m