Quebec and Bas-Saint-Laurent are on the line of Maxime Blanchette-Joncas


The deputy of Rimouski–Neigette–Témiscouata–Les Basques, Maxime Blanchette-Joncas, said he was invested in Quebec by the Société canadienne d'hypothèques et de logement (SCHL) because Quebec has fallen into a serious crisis logement. When the Bloc Québécois was in place and Ottawa chose the projects, Québec was dismissed.

Tenants received from Block Québéco confirm that Quebec receives 14.05% of the summer months for SCHL construction programs, and an additional 6.2% of the summer months ($464.9 million to $7.5 million). Billion $) for the newest programs in place: The Affordable Housing Fund. Québec represents 22% of the population overall and 31% of the total population, today in the SCHL alone.

“When Québec was going through a historic crisis, it was outraged to see the SCHL investment directly in Québec, and 31% of log-in visitors found themselves with us!” In return, billions were spent in Canada because projects in Québec were accumulated who were concerned about financing. Since this was not a theoretical debate, this was the concrete question: When Ottawa decided to do this and the programs were put together, Quebec is here for good. “Ottawa has multiplied the programs in Logement and Laisse,” said Maxime Blanchette-Joncas.

The Données provided the SCHL with a response to a formula of questions from MP Ste-Marie in the committee of Parliament, including the housing construction project with which the Trudeau government wanted to allocate up to $ 15 billion in the budget. For this last program, Quebec's share is 15.34% (2.7 billion out of 17.6 billion), which represents a decrease in population.

“In Ottawa, Québec, is across the board, it is clear and confirmed.” As the libraries multiply the engineers within the competencies of Québec, especially on a regular basis, it is an important part of the government that does not bring Québec to it , to get the part they need in place. The bloc's demand is clear: Quebec gets its son. “The previous months are reserved proportionately for the population of Quebec and it is Quebec that maintains the projects,” said MP Blanchette-Joncas.

“The crisis of the Logements is so great that it affects and damages all regions of Quebec.” In the Bas-Saint-Laurent region, the crisis has occurred, notamment in Rimouski, with a tax rate of 0.6%, in Matane at 1 .2% and at Rivière-du-Loup at 0.7%, we have just reached an equilibrium point of 3%. “It is unacceptable that Quebec has lost its fair share: Ottawa has demanded fair funding and Quebec no longer has competence,” concluded the MP for Rimouski-Neigette–Témiscouata–Les Basques.

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