Pub of the week: The Old White Horse in Ainsworth


This week we focus on the Old White Horse in Ainsworth on the Bury/Bolton border.

The traditional restaurant has been around for at least 150 years.

Name of landlord:

Charles Daubney

Since when have you been a landlord?

I have run this pub for five years, the Monkey House in Bury for eleven years, Hopps in Bury for seven years, The Major in Ramsbottom for three years and I have just opened Murphy's Irish bar in Bury.

Bury Times: Charles Daubney outside the pub

Can you tell us a bit about the history of the pub?

It has been here for at least 150 years.

Do you serve food?

We serve fresh Carrs pastries daily, but we pride ourselves most on our great beer and sports coverage.

I would say we are a real drinking den.

Do you have a beer garden?

We have a partially covered beer garden, so you can sit outside even when it rains.

Bury Times: The Pub

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What's the best thing about being a landlord?

Meet people and get to know different characters.

What is the biggest challenge?

You have to be on guard every day.

There was a price increase recently, but because of my work on utility costs we didn't have to pass it on to our customers.

I try to make sure we offer the best to our customers and keep the beer as long as possible.

What is your favorite beer?

The most popular is a Cruzcampo, followed by a John Smiths.

Is there anything else about the pub you would like to highlight?

For the Wanderers fans, we have a top of Bolton's FA Cup final hanging on the wall.