Photos: The Estevan Legion greets its members at Vimy Night


Honors awarded include certificates of merit, certificates of achievement and lifetime membership.

ESTEVAN – The Estevan Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion congratulated many long-standing and dedicated members Saturday during the annual Vimy Awards night.

Service badges were awarded every five years to those who were part of the Legion.

Several other important awards were presented. Quentin Dosch was named Legionnaire of the Year. Tom Woodhouse was awarded a certificate of recognition for his commitment to the industry. His wife, Heather, accepted the award on his behalf.

Marlys Collins received a certificate of merit for her contributions to the floral care of the Estevan Soldiers' Tree Monument. Floyd Vincent and Susie Woods also received a certificate of merit for clubroom entertainment.

Mel Murray was awarded a lifetime membership for his many contributions.

The event is named after the Battle of Vimy Ridge and comes close to the anniversary of the World War I clash in which Canadian troops pushed German soldiers from a key strategic point in France after British and French forces failed to do so .

The battle took place from April 9 to 12, 1917.

The following members received service awards:

Quentin Dosch 5 years
Terry Torgunrud 5 years
Gloria Leitch 5 years
John Greenhough 5 years
Elaine Hjortland 5 years
Brent Sauter 10 years
Mary Anne Sauter 10 years
Burva Conner 10 years
George Kingdon 10 years
Layne Hawrylak 10 years
Ken Allen 10 years
Coleen Jensen 10 years
Cort Barker 15 years
Donna Brokenshire 15 years
B Lee Pushie 20 years
Kevin Beck 20 years
Karly Lanz 20 years
Alms vicar 20 years
Craig Bird 25 years
Donald Anderson 25 years
Theresa Bachorcik 30 years
Madeline Skjerpen 35 years
Lilian Hahn 35 years
David Rooks 40 years
Margaret Renwick 40 years
Marge Fowler 40 years
John Njiman 45 years
Marian Harper 45 years
Riak Densley 50 years
Frosty Forest 50 years