Notorious serial killer dies in prison attack


Robert PicktonThe Canadian serial killer who terrorized British Columbia is dead. Pickton, 74, died on May 19 from injuries sustained in a brutal attack on his prison.

Pickton was attacked by a fellow inmate at the Port-Cartier Institution, a maximum security prison in Quebec. The attack, in which a broken broom handle was used as a weapon, left Pickton in critical condition. He clung to life for nearly two weeks before succumbing to his injuries.

Over the years, Pickton has inspired several horror films. These include the recent films Pig murderer, with Jake Busey and Squeakerwhose filmmakers we interviewed.

Born in 1949, Robert Pickton began his reign of terror in the 1980s after inheriting the family pig farm. He raped and murdered his victims before dismembering them and feeding them to his pigs. He sometimes ate the meat himself or served it to unsuspecting visitors. He and his brother often hosted parties on the farm, which they registered in 1996 as part of a charity called the Piggy Palace Good Times Society. The parties and events attracted up to 2,000 people at a time. This made it easy for Pickton to prey on his victims.

Pickton was unaware that the farm was being watched. On February 6, 2022, the farm was raided and he was arrested. Robert was initially charged with two counts of murder. When he finally appeared in court, he was presented with many more murder charges after police found pieces of bone, a freezer full of human flesh, and personal belongings belonging to the victims. He confessed to his cellmate, not knowing that the man was an undercover cop, that he had killed 49 people. On December 9, 2007, the jury found him guilty on six counts. He was sentenced to life in prison without the chance of parole.

While families of some of the victims have expressed relief over Pickton's death, the attack is shrouded in mystery. The motive for the 51-year-old inmate's attack remains unclear. However, he had a history of violence in the prison system and spent time in solitary confinement for previous assaults. Canadian authorities are conducting a full investigation.

Robert PicktonHis death marks the end of a terrible chapter in Canadian history. His crimes cast a long shadow over the country, particularly the Indigenous communities who suffered disproportionately from his violence. While his death may bring some closure to the families of the victims, the impact of his actions will undoubtedly be felt for years to come.