News from North Bay: 106-hectare fire southeast of Cobalt remains the largest in the region


There were still six active wildfires in northeastern Ontario as of Saturday evening. Two new fires were confirmed in the region late Friday and another on June 1.

An early morning photo taken by fire technician Jamie Barber at the Aviation, Forest Fire and Emergency Service's Link Lake Forward Attack Base. Posted to social media on May 29, 2024. (Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry/X)

The largest fire in the region remains North Bay 5, which is currently under control. The fire has shrunk from 134 hectares to 106 hectares and is located three kilometres southeast of Cobalt, Ontario, near the eastern shore of Kerr Lake.

Details of all active fires in the region can be found here:

  • Cochrane8 (COC008) is a 35 hectare fire under surveillance located approximately 57.5 kilometers northwest of Moosonee, Ontario.
  • Sudbury-12 (SUD012) is a 0.2 hectare fire that was confirmed late in the evening of May 31. A fire crew is currently on site and the fire is now considered under control. The fire is located northwest of Windy Lake on the north side of Highway 144, approximately 4.8 kilometers northwest of Onaping.
  • Cochrane7 (COC007) is a 0.6 hectare controlled fire west of Horseshoe Lake, approximately 13 kilometers southwest of Iroquois Falls.
  • Sudbury 11 (SUD011) is a 3.6 hectare fire currently being fought by two fire crews. The fire is located approximately 1.7 kilometres east of the intersection of Highway 69 and Rural Route 637 between Lovering and Nakara Lakes.
  • Cochrane6 (COC006) is now 13 hectares in size after being remapped on June 1. An Ontario fire crew and a coast guardsman are currently assigned to this fire, which is not yet under control. The fire is located 20 kilometres northwest of Fort Severn off the coast of Hudson Bay.
  • North Bay 5 (NOR005) is a 106 hectare forest fire that remains under control.

“Ontario firefighters are responding to Cochrane 7,” officials from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) said on social media on Friday.

“Please stay away from the area where teams are working to ensure the safety of the public and emergency personnel.”

Ontario firefighters respond to Cochrane 7, a wildfire near Horseshoe Lake southwest of Iroquois Falls on May 31, 2024. (Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry/X)

According to the Aviation, Forest Fire and Rescue Service, the fire danger remains high in most parts of the northeast fire region.

“(The fire danger is) extreme for areas between Greater Sudbury, Blind River, Chapleau and Timmins, as well as around Temiskaming Shores,” the organization said.

“There are some temperate areas, including the southeastern part of Manitoulin Island and areas south of Huntsville and Haliburton.”

Interactive fire map

The MNRF interactive map provides a visual representation of active fires, the current fire danger across Ontario, and all applicable fire protection zones. The map is updated in real time as new information becomes available.

The map can be viewed here.

Reporting a forest fire

To report a wildfire north of the French River or Mattawa River, please call 310-FIRE. To report a wildfire south of the French River or Mattawa River, please call 911.