New 5-day celebration on the A-13


After the repair work on the Pont Vachon, which passed the Mille-Îles river between Laval and Boisbriand, the new fermetures on the highway were completed on the 13th from April 21 to 25.

The procedures are carried out between 23 and 5 hours to limit the effects of the entry on the circulatory system.

During this work period, the fermeture to the north of the A-13 between inserts 15 and 20, located in Laval and Boisbriand respectively, must be complete with prior notice.

Head north, the entrance to the highway leading to Dagenais and Sainte-Rose boulevards is inaccessible. It's important to me that it follows Highway 440.

Route users are asked to take the detour via Bali on route 15, the A-440 eastbound, the A-15 northbound and the A-640. Motorists enter Boisbriand and may travel east on the 640 motorway to exit the A-13 south.

Abseiling, this night work has been taking place on the Vachon bridge since April 10th. These may be reported, extended or canceled due to poor meteorological conditions or limited operating conditions. (NP)

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