Les Voltigeurs vainqueurs d'une guerre de tranchées (Photos)


ICE HOCKEY. The fight against Phoenix and the Voltigeurs was destined for more beauty when he was caught in the center by Marcel-Dionne in front of 3,170 spectators.

In a scenario akin to heaven, Drummondvillois and her foreigners encountered force majeure on Highway 55 before awaiting the commands of the situation three years from now. In the decisive game with a 5-2 win, the Rouges managed to advance to 2-0 in the quarterfinals against the two opposing teams.

The Voltigeurs were unsuccessful in six appearances after the debut of the elimination series. The team will decide on important games in the regular season over the last 14 months. (Photo: Ghyslain Bergeron)

As he had already experienced this season, Sylvain Favreau felt the desire to turn to his children between the second and third periods.

“En séries, il n'y a rien de donné, a explicé the pilote of Voltigeurs en point de presse. Facing a team dealing with a large claim. They compete for each roundel. On our shores, on a manqué of the manufacturer's chances in the game's debut. Be very careful not to touch the rondelle. I haven't had a parfait yet, but what I wanted is that Façon wasn't around for three years. On a gardé l'œil sur le cap.»

“In the series, your connoisseur of matches, which are not exactly parfaits, but your two now pay attention to the same approach, and that's all. They remain focused on future presence and future order. You don't fall into your skin and you definitely don't fall into your feelings. Stayed grounded and paid until the end.”

Woodworth, Montre Le Chemin

When it came time to play in the third season, Luke Woodworth chose him above all else. The captain took advantage of a revitalization to destroy him and conquer him, who finished him off.

“In the series, it was the players who left their game for a prize and were accompanied by Ethan Gauthier's co-equipment. Our main man is the finished presentation. I tire the team to the skin. I may not get on with the season I need from A to Z, but not in series, that's what I want to win. Woody, that is a leader. The son's leadership is not simply verbal. You were where you play. The encore was an element that reached this peak. In my opinion, the mentality of knowing the difference every match was completely the same.

Luke Woodworth celebrated the victory shortly after the 2-2 victory in the third half. The Rendezvous captain retained new points (5-4) in six parties after the series debut. (Photo: Ghyslain Bergeron)

Drummondvillo's attack also serves to define his old team.

“Our second term wasn't as high as when I was able to, but I actually took advantage of the credit from Phoenix.” They haven't made their debut to the end yet. This game is a game where you have to pay attention to the details. It's not easy to take part in a series.”

For a second straight game, the Voltigeurs' mighty game was on the line. Sylvain Favreau summed it up by saying that he felt his children's sense of urgency under the circumstances.

Second author Marc-Olivier Beaudry ended his work party with a +4 differential. «Beaudz joue du big hockey presentement, a fait valoir Sylvain Favreau. I have a lot of luck and confidence. It’s very effective because it doesn’t require the disk.”

It appears that the Voltigeurs have found their subordinate in the lance column. While Samuel St-Hilaire was tested in 39 reps, Riley Mercer was successful in 23 games. “At the request of our guard, when we had a chance, Sylvain Favreau confirmed that he received his team from me in the premiere game. Riley gave birth to a full son in these two games.”

Vsevolod Komarov continued another fort match. (Photo: Ghyslain Bergeron)

The series was transported on the coast of the Léopold Drolet Sports Palace, on Mardi and on Mercredi.

“Le devoir n'est pas pas compli encore, averti Sylvain Favreau. This is a work team. Not a prend person à la légère. Go to the big games in Sherbrooke.”

“The Palais des Sports is alive in series, a researcher by Ethan Gauthier.” I had a fever every year. Maybe you'll attend the same genre of hockey when you're here. I participate in physical, intense and serrés matches. People in our room are not allowed to have this team near the school. Even if it is still 2-0, it may not continue on this path. It’s a team that’s right for you.”

Pas encore le vrai Phoenix

After making his way back to the attacking Charles-Antoine Beauregard's game, Phoenix had to close in on the powerful Drummondvilloise machine 50 minutes before the arrival of a deadly Revirement machine. Selon Gilles Bouchard, who never once saw his team's face in this series.

Gilles Bouchard. (Photo: Ghyslain Bergeron)

“In a game I enjoyed most, but not more than one other time that I knew of, there was a laissez-faire of the Sherbrooke boss in front of the media microphones.” Admit another fois, the gesture of the roundel is finally over. It is not complicated: it is best in our execution, in our circle and in everything. On est ables de l'être. That means I'm not the best, and I didn't care about something better, and I didn't care about a party.”

Revenant on the border of Jean-Félix Lapointe when he decided, the Phoenix pilot was convinced that his young defender was putting himself back together. “It’s a kid who debuted in the league a year ago. C'est du millage pour lui. I had a conversation about the bank. I love the grandiose là-dedans.”

Gilles Bouchard was sure that his team needed more discipline than leaving the work of his officials to him.

“You don't lose momentum when minutes tick by and you lose the numerical advantage.” What's more, there was a slap to Gendron's face. At a moment when I was frustrated, I no longer had control over it.”

The story of the game

Solid departure for the voltigeurs who direct the premiere attacks. In the fourth minute of the game, Vsevolod Komarov suppressed the vigilance of Samuel St-Hilaire to direct the victories over the orders.

Ethan Gauthier celebrated immediately afterwards when Vsevolod Komarov's father touched the text. (Photo: Ghyslain Bergeron)

In front of a man, Phoenix responded to a two-on-one descent. Riley Mercer couldn't stop Olivier Dubois' father. The speed is 1:1 in September.

Mikael Diotte wanted to persuade the Voltigeur supporters again, but he finally refused after a long video review due to obstruction of the garden. Le pointage demeure 1-1. Le Phoenix ended the period with violence when Andrew Belchamber touched the horizontal bar in the open.

The visitors continued to hang out in places while Ethan Gauthier and Justin Côté ignored their efforts to achieve a major goal at the end of their engagement. The rind was grilled from the fillet and an excellent passe de Gauthier was made to rework the offspring 2-1 after seven minutes with 43 seconds of cooling time.

The Phoenix hijacked the three stages at full power. After a penalty to Mikael Diotte and Olivier Dubois, Olivier Dubois pounced on a Lancer return to score his second son, but you play. New start in the dead end: 2-2.

Bourde majeure by Jean-Félix Lapointe, who was able to help Luke Woodworth say goodbye. The Voltigeurs defeated the Devants 3-2 in the third period. Quelques instant plus tard, it is on tour by Mikael Diotte that touches the city. The favorites of the foul do not have priority as a pair, but only a few minutes in the squad.

Mikael Diotte wrote the quatrième but des Voltigeurs. (Photo: Ghyslain Bergeron)

At the end of the encounter, Ethan Gauthier completed another solid performance on the mark in a desert fillet. On the mission, Drummondvillois fought back six missions after the elimination tournament debut.

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