La Petite Monnaie, new design in Petite-Nation


This project is originally Petite-Nation, the new Monnaie location in Petite-Nation, released on May 18th. From this date, the population of the MRC of Papineau is to be transferred to the commerce of the territory, which acts like an exchange office for the conversion of the Canadian monarchy to the Petite Monnaie.

These billets will be permanently increased by 5% in Canadian dollars for 94 customers currently enrolled in the project. For 100 Canadian dollars, the connoisseur receives 105 Petites Monnaies.

“On a vraiment de tout, indique Vincent Ouellette Destroimaisons. The concept is that in the petite nation you can be fair with the dollars where you can be fair with the petite monnaie.

Vincent Ouelette-Destroismaison is responsible for the Petite Monnaie project.

The game of Petite Monnaie

In order to understand the function of an additional Monnaic site, I need to understand the different actors participating in this implementation system and be responsible for the project. With a chain of approval, the four friends of Petite Monnaie take on a precise role.

D'abord, le consommateur. For legal issues it is impossible to pay the Petite Monnaie immediately. With Monnaic localization within the network, the consumer uses this silver in the participants' local trading operations.

The merchant accepts subject to payment en Petite Monnaie. If he comes back with the Petite Monnaie, it can be converted back into a Canadian dollar, just like Vincent Ouellette Destroimaisons.

With a chain of approval, the four friends of Petite Monnaie take on a precise role.

“Entre eux, ils peuvent payer leurs fournisseurs en Petite monnaie. Un commerce pourrait aussi donner des commandites en Petite monnaie.»

You will also have to go to the exchange offices and finally to the dealer who appears at the Coopérative Place du Marché and agitate there like a cashier.

Renforcer les liens sociaux

In order to optimize reception, the idea of ​​the Petite Monnaie was discussed with the Source Chouenne, the Monnaie Locale of the Charlevoix region in circulation from 2021.

“We received a lot of nice information, told by Vincent Ouellette Destroimaisons.” On the other hand, it is the case that people know that they are not fair and that they are not fair. On an idea, our project à partir du leur.”

Vincent Ouelette-Destroismaison is accompanied by Alain Larivière, owner of Brasseurs de Montebello, Véronique Filion, owner of Brasse-Camarade and Amélie Blanchard de Wööl, Emporium de laine.

An illustration competition took place in December to depict the animals of the Lesser Monnaies, a special species of animal or vegetable in a difficult region.

“Working with biologists to find a list of ghosts they count during their lifetime.”

Vincent Ouellette Destroimaisons are based on the choice of environmental author. This monnaie is the motif of an encore.

“I believe that 42% of gas emissions in the province of Quebec are due to the transportation environment.” It is a game that significantly reduces shifts. Maybe I would like to encourage you there, but he is actually thinking about hiding in the shops and with the sellers.

For 100 Canadian dollars, the connoisseur receives 105 Petites Monnaies.

Depending on the project sponsor, the shipping and circulation options are expanded by a location. There is also the possibility of favoring the feeling of the apartment and enforcing the liens of the company.

“This is a volunteer soup that I met on the spot. I think the project has potential for everyone. It's more interesting for me to spend the night. I chose creative work that could have a positive impact.”