Israeli police violently break up protest by Haredi Jews against conscription


A series of protests against the possibility of conscription under military law led to clashes between Haredi Jews and the occupation police, who attempted to keep the demonstrations under control.

  • Israeli occupation police attack a Haredi Jew protesting against the conscription law, June 2, 2024 (screenshot)
    Israeli occupation police attack a Haredi Jew protesting against the conscription law, June 2, 2024 (screenshot)

Israeli media reported on Sunday that occupation police violently dispersed a demonstration by Haredi Jewish settlers protesting against the conscription law after they blocked Road 4 near Tel Aviv.

Dozens of Haredi Jews also protested in front of the occupying power's High Court in occupied Al-Quds, blocking the streets and expressing their rejection of the conscription law.

Released footage shows a Haredi Jew entering the Supreme Court and shouting: “We would rather die than be drafted.”

The protests began on Sunday during a discussion of the petition against the conscription law before an Israeli court, which later announced that it “would not announce its decision today.”

In addition, an Israeli opinion poll found that about 65 percent of Haredim would support leaving the current governing coalition if conscription were introduced in religious schools.

The ultra-Orthodox Jewish Haredi community has been at the forefront of anti-government policies since the introduction of a bill to conscript Haredim to fight in Gaza on “biblical-doctrinal” grounds. During their demonstrations, they frequently chanted the slogan: “We would rather die than enlist.”

In early May, members of the community set fire to the flag of the Israeli occupation forces while protesting against conscription policy in front of the military recruitment center in Tel Aviv.

In March, the Chief Rabbi of the Israeli Sephardic Church, Yitzhak Yosef, threatened a mass exodus from “Israel” if conscription was enforced. This sparked a major outcry within the already deeply divided state, which was brought back into the spotlight after the start of the Gaza war.

“We will buy tickets. There is no compulsion to join the army. The state supports it,” Yosef said, commenting on lawmakers' attempts to impose conscription on Haredim.

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