Impressions of your invitations to this original and amusing promotional gift


It's easy to connect your bouteilles with this useful tool that comes in handy. Conçu pour the ouverture of bouteilles de beer or de vin, il ne manquera pas de faire sensation auprès de vos convives. An excellent Father's Day gift idea presented here, currently priced at 16.99 euros.

Laissez this delightful Chauve-Souris will help you open your bouteilles. Grace for two, getting a wine bottle out of the wine is very easy! Imagine by les studios Ototo, Don't L'Ambition is to leave you less time every day, this bottle currently costs 16.99 euros on Amazon.

Check out the offer of the Pneu-Bouchon Ototo Vino for 16.99 euros on Amazon

In the initial stages, when we introduced the aircraft to you in your next few weeks, this user did not have to miss out on the right sensation when you operated it. Made of stainless steel, this tire bouchon à levier with integrated decapsulation allows you to open your bouteilles within a few seconds. The sturdy silicone handles and the sour water notches extract the bouchon, or capsule, with a simple gesture.

A pneu-bouchon in the form of sour cream for your festive evenings

Aucun bouchon couldn't resist this little mother! If you want to prepare the sangria, the rosé pamplemousse cocktail or the champenoise soup for your evenings, this sourdough is your best ally… Made of high quality material, it is particularly robust and prevents corrosion. It does not contain any BPA-free chemical product.

If you want to avail kitchen utensils and original accessories, you will be sure that Amazon customers don't know what they are saying: “A great idea that really made an impact! The Ailes are made of rubber material and are pure. Functionne parfaitement bien. » or encore «Very aesthetic, easy to use.»

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