I tried one of the most popular cafes in Hull and ate the perfect hash brown


If you ask anyone where the best place for a quick bite to eat in Hull is, they're sure to recommend this underground eatery.

Since opening in 2016, Nibble has grown from its Humber Street location to the hotspot it is today. The cafe offers some of the highest-rated brunches in the city and so many people flock to the cafe that it had to expand not once, but twice. And recently, Nibble was voted one of the best places in the city to get a sandwich, according to Trip Advisor.

I've been going to Humber Street for years, but I've only managed to get a seat at Nibble once. Surely that's a sign that the place is good, right?

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I've been craving some of their famous eggs for a few weeks now. Craving a post-holiday pick-me-up, I headed to this famous foodie hotspot.

On a warm and dry – if windy – afternoon, people were sitting outside as I approached. I thought they were taking full advantage of the outdoor weather, but when I went inside and saw the line of people seated, I knew they would have to wait – half an hour, I was told.

While most places are quiet during the week, this place is very popular – which is wonderful for a local business, I must say. And I was still able to join the other diners and eat outside on the benches that surround the area.

A QR code on the benches took me to the menu, where I ordered an iced coffee, Kasey's Eggs and three rosti as a side. The three cost a total of £18.30 – £3 for the three rosti, £10.50 for the main course and £4.80 for the iced coffee – plus £1 for vanilla syrup and 30p for almond milk substitute.