Have you filed your taxes yet? –


The April 30 tax filing deadline is fast approaching, but there's still time before penalties come into play.

One of the first and easiest steps to simplify the process, especially for last-minute filers, is to create a My CRA account, according to CRA spokesman David Nunes.

“If for some reason you lose one of your information sheets like a T4 or it doesn't get to you in the mail from your employer on time or whatever happens, you can always find the information you need to file taxes on this one [My CRA Account]”, he said. “From there, you can file it through one of these certified tax softwares.”

My CRA Account is a secure portal that allows individuals to view their income tax and benefit information and manage their tax affairs online without having to call the CRA. Anyone with an account can also track their refund and see the balance owed, make payments, apply for benefits, and more.

Anyone who owes taxes and misses the April 30 deadline could face a five percent penalty on the total amount, as well as a one percent penalty each month for up to 12 months.

People who submit their claim late but receive a refund will not have to pay a fine, but may experience disruptions to benefits such as the Canada Child Benefit or the GST rebate.

“It's just extremely important that everyone submits their paperwork by April 30,” Nunes added. “This ensures that your everyday life is not interrupted, you do not have to chase after the money that is owed to you and, most importantly, that you do not have to pay a penalty.”

For more tips and advice to simplify the process, visit this question and answer page on the federal government's website.