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Published on May 16, 2024

Producers have made significant progress with planting in the last week. Planting is currently 32 percent complete in the province, up 20 percent from last week. This is behind the five-year average of 54 percent and the 10-year average of 45 percent. Currently, sowing is more advanced in the southern part of the province. The central and northern regions have made significant sowing progress in the last week, from an average sowing progress of five percent in these regions to an average sowing progress of 26 percent this week.

The southwest is the most advanced with 45 percent of the crop in the ground, followed by the southeast region at 36 percent. The northwest is at 33 percent and the northeast is at 26 percent. The west-central and east-central regions show similar sowing progress at 23 percent and 22 percent, respectively.

Pulses are the leaders with a sowing share of 53 percent for field peas, followed by lentils with 50 percent and chickpeas with 39 percent. Durum consists of 38 percent seeds, spring wheat 36 percent, barley 30 percent, oats 22 percent, canary seed 19 percent and triticale 18 percent. When it comes to oilseed completion, mustard leads with 24 percent, followed by rapeseed with 17 percent and flax with 12 percent. Soybeans are the furthest behind in sowing progress at eight percent.

Rainfall amounts varied across the province last week, with many areas receiving lower amounts. The highest reported rainfall was recorded in the Richmound area at 59mm, followed by the Avonlea and Leader areas at 48mm each. Other notable rains that fell during the week included 39 mm in the Marengo area, while 31 mm fell in the Wadena area and 26 mm in the Speers area.

Topsoil moisture conditions across the province remain adequate this week. Cropland topsoil moisture is reported to be four percent too high, 86 percent adequate, nine percent too low, and one percent very low. The moisture of the topsoil in the hayland is two percent too high, 81 percent sufficient, 16 percent too low and two percent too very low. The moisture conditions in the topsoil of the pasture are similar with two percent excess, 78 percent sufficient, 17 percent deficiency and two percent very deficient.

Growers are busy sowing seeds while also watching their early sown crops emerge. Many are using pre-plant herbicide products because recent rains and heat have caused weeds to emerge before planting. The cattle are moved to greener pastures and branding begins. Producers are reminded to exercise safety in their field operations this spring and to be aware of overhead power lines when transporting equipment in fields and farms.

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