Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson reunite for a one-off show in honor of Gordon Lightfoot


Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson took the stage for a one-off show last week, but they weren't there to play material from the Rush catalog.

The couple was actually accompanied by the country band Blue Rodeo to perform That's how I feel in honour of Gordon Lightfoot. The memorial service took place on May 23 in Toronto at Massey Hall, marking one year since the folk artist's death.

Accordingly guitar playertheir identities were kept secret until the last minute. Their performance was announced under the name “L+L,” which is apparently code for “Lifeson and Lee,” and they gave the 1966 track a Rush-like spin. They later formed part of an ensemble for Lightfoot's Summer side of life at the final.

Lee spoke with diversity after the show and said: “It was important to us to honor Gordon. Since we are neither folk nor pop artists, Alex and I were looking for one of Gordon's songs that would better fit our playing style, and we found that in That's how I feel. Its structure was looser and more open to interpretation than that of many of his more popular tunes.”

Check out their performances below:

Although Lee and Lifeson are not currently planning a tour or album for Rush, Lifeson is busy developing his own line of products under the Lerxst brand. So far, the company has released two effects pedals, a range of amplifiers and a guitar.

Most recently, Lerxst released the limited edition Snow Dog Octave Fuzz Pedal. The unit uses the same two-in-one format as its earlier and first pedal, the By-Tor (which went into full production after its limited release) to offer “a versatile range of modern and classic fuzz sounds” with a footswitchable upper octave effect.