Death of AIM Saint John: Coroner's inquest begins Monday


An inquest begins Monday morning in Saint John to examine the circumstances that led to the death of an American Iron and Metal (AIM) worker nearly two years ago.

Darrell Richards died on July 1, 2022, after sustaining a cut to his leg while working at the AIM scrap yard in Port Saint John. He was 60 years old.

In February, AIM pleaded guilty to one count under the Occupational Health and Safety Act in connection with Richard's death. As part of the sentence, AIM was required to donate a $107,000 scholarship to New Brunswick Community College.

The inquest is scheduled to take place Monday through Friday in the Saint John Law Court.

Deputy Chief Coroner Michael Johnston and a jury will hear testimony from witnesses and have the opportunity to make precautionary recommendations for similar circumstances.

Last year, the New Brunswick government revoked AIM's scrap dealer license for its Saint John scrap yard following a massive, multi-day fire that broke out on September 15, 2023.

Within a seven-month period, two fatal industrial accidents occurred at AIM's Port Saint John site.

Bruce Lagacé died on November 24, 2021 as a result of injuries sustained while working as a truck driver on the construction site. A judicial inquiry was held last October to investigate the circumstances of Lagacé's death, resulting in seven recommendations.

With files from Avery MacRae and Sean Mott of CTV Atlantic.

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