Cockburn Island is a “ghost town” with three stunning beaches


Here's your next Ontario adventure! Nestled in Lake Huron lies Cockburn Island, a tranquil retreat that is both mysterious and beautiful. Known as a “ghost town” with remnants of its past, this remote paradise is home to not only structures of its past but also three breathtaking natural beauties such as its beaches. Here's what you should know about this exciting island.

Get ready to enjoy some sun as the weather warms up! According to the Town of Cockburn Island, you can enjoy some of Lake Huron's most beautiful beaches here.

However, you will need a boat to get there as the island is located in the North Channel of Lake Huron.

“Although the island has a safe marina, there are no gas stations or shops where you can buy supplies,” the municipality said.

“Visitors must bring all supplies and provisions they need for their visit. Visitors who want to stay a few days typically spend the night on their boats and bring bicycles or small motorcycles to explore the island's sights.”

Unfortunately, it is not possible for campers to camp here. However, anyone interested in accommodation or renting a vehicle must arrange this with either a fee payer or a resident of the island prior to their visit.

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Although it is a stunning island, be prepared that it is, according to the municipality, a “ghost town.” Its long history shows the community growing and making do with little, but with the Depression and World War II, many sought a life outside the island. And slowly the population began to decline.

Although it has existed since the 1980s, The Township of Cockburn Island still stands, “largely thanks to Harold McQuarrie. The Reeve in these difficult times,” said the community.

“Today and for the past 30 years, island descendants and curious adventurers are returning to revive the island’s history and create a new exciting story.”

Other than that, it is a quiet and peaceful island with beaches worth exploring.

City Beach offers a beautiful sandy bay with great views of the harbor and marina; South Beach is accessible via Good Township Road and is described as a beautiful sandy beach overlooking Lake Huron. and Stone Beach is popular with locals as it has a limestone shoreline and stunning views of the North Channel.

Both City Beach and South Beach are equipped with a pavilion, fire pit, washrooms and changing rooms.

Other points of interest include the Old School House, the Church, Ricketts Harbour, Wagosh Bay and Scotch Block.

Here you will find local cottages, but it serves as a real escape from the noisy city life.

If you wanted an escape, you found it here.