Carey Price receives honorary doctorate from the University of Northern British Columbia


Carey Price, a former Montreal Canadiens goaltender in 2005 who was selected fifth overall and became an All-Star goaltender, made headlines recently.

Although his playing career is behind him, the proud American native is still deeply rooted in his culture and a mentor to the next generation, so it was no great surprise when the University of Northern British Columbia awarded No. 31 an honorary doctorate. Price delivered a speech at the university's graduation ceremony for the class of 2024.

It's easy to see why Price has been such a great face of the Canadiens for 15 years. He conducts himself with such maturity and integrity without ever making the headlines for a bad reason. He uses his presence for good and presents himself as an ideal role model.

Although there was never a season in his career in Montreal that ended with a top prize, he never let his guard down or let his cards on the table. It is undoubtedly one of the toughest sports and he played the toughest position, but he always conducted himself in an extremely professional manner. This award may not mean much to some because he didn't study for it, but it is an honor that speaks to his high character.

Many goalies have spoken at length about how Price has inspired them. Young, aspiring goalies look to him for inspiration, emulating his style of play and demeanor. It speaks volumes when a goalie is so revered for his off-ice accomplishments that other athletes want to be like him.

Price never reached the pinnacle of hockey, which would have led to some cringe-worthy celebrations. But in the view of many fans, he deserves to have his number at the Bell Centre. And his place in hockey history should be enshrined in the Hall of Fame.

His home province has bestowed upon him the highest honour and it is not that he behaves this way to gain recognition, but the fact that he continues to be a leader and someone to look up to shows the greatness of his character.

Price can now add an honorary doctorate to his list of accomplishments as a husband, father, son, first-round pick and one of the greatest goalies in National Hockey League history.