A tour of the insurance company until the end of the series


Shortly after being surprised by the Marquis de Jonquière when their partisans sold them out, the Thetford Mines insurance company experienced the same coup as before a Bondy Palais des Sports. Le But d'Alexandre Goulet was extended for the first time with Bobby Baril's troops from third to second place and achieved the second winning streak at every corner.

The 2769 spectators came to a very serious Rencontre premiere, with more chances of a part and even more without seeing a single fillet. It was only half a minute later than the first, but it was a mark. At the crucial moment, Tristan Bérubé's Stefan Fournier returned to leave the mark for the visitors.

On the coast of the Marquis, their fifth attack appears to be reestablished after the arrival of two eyes behind the scenes. This is just the last time the engagement ended. Simon-Claude Blackburn's song was reproduced by Étienne Marcoux, but Pierre-Cédric Labrie, to represent the way back and get to the circle of the other red line with 0.5 seconds to spare.

When you play two numbers, the insurance company will surprise the marquis with two, but disadvantageous, numbers. The coup was repeated in three quarters of a minute on his debut. Même à genoux, Kéven Veilleux was present during his stay at the Jambiières to inform himself before the visitors.

The door was opened wide for the Marquis until the insurance in the room of September seconds imposed two penalties. Joey Ratelle paid tribute to the Palais des Sports with just a few words. Jonquière had the advantage with another attack in the last five minutes, but with no gain.

In extra time, in a very serious way, I didn't want to give the opponent a chance. The last time in the 11th minute, when the Assurancia set up the fillet and Alexandre Goulet made a return to give Bobby Baril's team a second victory.

This series was rebuilt in 2 out of 3 years until it was sold and sold when needed.

Rivière-du-Loup – Laval series

In the semi-finals of the second series, the 3L from Rivière-du-Loup was part of the surprise offensive against the regular season champions, the Pétroliers de Laval. In front of a crowd of 3,182 at Center Premier Tech, 3L impressed in 7th and 5th place to see the series 3-1 and eked out a win just before the grand finale.