Wyloo Metals is building a battery materials processing plant in Ontario


Wyloo Canada CEO Kristan Straub said the facility would provide the missing piece of the puzzle in Canada's efforts to build a domestic electric vehicle battery supply chain by producing low-carbon nickel sulfate and nickel-dominant pCAM, key components of electric vehicle batteries.

“Canada has recognized the global demand for electric vehicles and other clean technologies and has invested over C$40 billion to date to make the country a global hub for the electric vehicle industry. We welcome this investment, but it has exposed a significant gap in the North American electric vehicle supply chain, particularly in the conversion of ore into battery chemicals,” Straub said.

“The urgency to strengthen North American metals processing capabilities has never been more evident. Our facility will be the missing piece that builds battery materials processing capacity here in Sudbury.”

Nickel for the plant will be supplied from Wyloo's proposed Eagle's Nest mine in the Ring of Fire region of Northern Ontario, as well as other sources of nickel-bearing feedstock and third-party recycled battery material.

“With Eagle's Nest as our anchor and combined with third-party supplies from other North American sources, we are building enough capacity to meet 50 percent of the nickel demand from the announced investments in electric vehicles,” Straub said.

Greater Sudbury was chosen as the site for the plant because of the city's leadership in the mining sector, its commitment to clean technology and its commitment to reconciliation between Indigenous peoples and First Nation communities.

“Participating in these conversations is critical for our communities,” said Larry Roque, Chief of the Wahnapitae First Nation. “The partnership that will be created through this project will demonstrate what needs to be done for other First Nations and private companies.”

Wyloo is currently conducting a feasibility study for the project. Construction of the plant is expected to commence following completion of the proposed Eagle's Nest mine. Construction of the mine is expected to commence in 2027.