What's new at Turtle Beach: Discover the latest helmets, pianos and game consoles


Turtle Beach, an American company specializing in gaming videos, has announced in a press release the launch of additional gaming accessories in the coming months. The lot includes a revised version of its famous Casque Gamer multiplate form Stealth 600, a new game Stealth 500 months ago and a new ensemble of gaming devices for the PC.

These new Turtle Beach products have been proposed since May 19, 2019. However, it is still possible for the commander-in-chief to do something.

Three new gaming multiplate casques

The Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 3 gamer caseThe Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 3 gamer case

Photo credit: Turtle Beach

The 3rd generation Turtle Beach Stealth 600 helmet

The Stealth 600 filterless casque is completely new as Turtle Beach has been commercializing it for more than a year. With this third generation the brand has improved a few points in the 50mm Hautparleur device Nanoclear, increasing the autonomy to 80 hours and complementing it with a double Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz connectivity to minimize latency and integrated microphone amplification in the In -Ear area to reduce pests.

The best news is that it misses all these improvements, the price has not been improved. You can buy the Stealth 600 for €109.99 in black and white for the console versions (Xbox and PlayStation) and in black only for the PC version.

Helmet Gamer Turtle Beach Stealth 500Helmet Gamer Turtle Beach Stealth 500

Photo credit: Turtle Beach

Le Turtle Beach Stealth 500 helmet

Sinon, an affordable rejection, was first introduced by Turtle Beach. The christened Stealth 500 is a multiplatform (consoles and PC) big brother that benefits from double Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz connectivity and offers an autonomy of less than 40 hours. You can get the purchase price for €89.99 in black.

Helmet Gamer Turtle Beach Atlas Air Helmet Gamer Turtle Beach Atlas Air

Photo credit: Turtle Beach

Le Turtle Beach Atlas Air helmet

Finally, one of the great novelties of this new announcement is the Atlas Air case. Turtle Beach describes the entire gaming PC case as compatible Hi-Res Audio 24-bit. It is based on the concept of an open ear cup weighing 301 grams and features 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth technology (plus a 3.5 mm jack for a cable connection, cable included).

Integrated into another 40mm headphone case, the Turtle Beach Atlas Air case features the benefits of Waves 3D audio technologies that facilitate immersion in sound. A microphone with a high frequency of 16 kHz is completely switched off. Autonomy will be announced within 50 hours. To receive it you have to pay €179.99.

A Turtle Beach gaming piano and a Souris to complete the setup

Outside of the gamer casques, Turtle Beach has also put the curtain down on the new piano and secured the game as they are also available months ago.

Photo credit: Turtle Beach

The Turtle Beach Vulcan II TKL Pro gaming keyboard

The Vulcan II TKL Pro is a mechanical gaming keyboard with RGB lighting. Under the name of India, it is non-numeric and compact. When I figured it out, it was the integration of magnetic breakers that made reverb effective and were designed to make line and fluid contact. In addition, the piano keys are customizable with a stop point that can range from 0.1 to 4 mm. They were Australian and may have spent as little as $150 million activating the brand.

From the outset, the Vulcan II TKL Pro is equipped with the new Swarm II logic, which allows customization of RGB lighting, user profiles, action points and multiple inputs. You can get the purchase price in black and white for the price of €159.99.

Photo credit: Turtle Beach

La Souris Gaming Turtle Beach Burst II Air

The biggest advantage of the Gaming Burst II Air from Turtle Beach is that it only weighs 47 grams. Since it is a spring, this accessory is focused on technology. It includes Owl-Eye optics with 26K DPI, the adjustable TITAN optics interruption that supports up to 100 million clicks, dual connection without 2.4GHz and Bluetooth, etc. This gaming experience is now available in white and black price from €109.99.